My Target Finds

On Friday, I went to Target to check out the toy section with some of my grandparents. I ended up getting some Our Generation, Barbie, and Tsum Tsum items.

Reach New Heights:


This is the coolest idea EVER a doll rock climbing outfit!!?! My sister was lucky enough to find one Coral (the OG surfer doll)  in stock, and unfortunately there weren’t any more for me! 😦  You get everything pictured and a pair of shoes that don’t fit AG’s for $17.


Here’s the shoe’s on Rebecca. Besides the size, they’re very cute.


The harness and it’s mini clip is SO cute! The rope is a little short, but a very cute addition.


And from the back….. The outfit is very cute, the shirt would be a good rash guard and the pants would also double as yoga pants!

I give this outfit 4 out of 5 stars just because the shoes don’t fit and the helmet is tight. I absolutely LOVE the harness though!

Comment below if you think I should make a doll rock climbing wall!

Barbie stuff:


I got one Barbie Fashionista (original size) for $10 and one Made to Move for $15.


I got this doll because of her unique look and cute outfit. She has red streaks in her hair, brown eyes with a tint of green, and a “beauty mark” under her right eye.


She is SO pose able and cute! She is styled in a yoga inspired look with no shoes. Her curly bun is cute and so are her amber eyes.

Both dolls are given 5 out of 5 and well worth their price.


I got another mystery Tsum Tsum pack and finally got the Cheshire Cat after my sister traded with me (she felt bad about getting Coral 🙂 ). He is SO cute!

My Collection

He receives a 5 out of 5 because he’s way to cute for words and I love Alice and Wonderland.

Comment below your favorite item out of the 4. Do you have/want any of these items?

Doll Sized Find: Star Wars Dog Toys

When my mom went to our local pet store to get rabbit litter, I decided to come along. They had a HUGE Star Wars section. The moment I saw the section I knew it was perfect for me since I’m a huge Star Wars lover and animal lover….. but I didn’t buy the toys for my pets……… but……… my……….. American Girl Dolls!


They are the perfect size!!!

Look at their adorable faces!! If you’re a Star Wars fan and love pets or dolls, go check out your local pet store!!

Let Your Doll Inspire Your Creativity! 🙂