I’ve been having a lot of fun with this contest. I think there may be one more? Well, anyway the category was light or water (bonus points for both) and I’m heading for the bonus points!!!


“Light” and water! This is from when I went to Maine this past Summer. Read about my adventures there with my doll Lottie on my old blog here. The picture is a little blurry, sorry about that, but photography is an art and it makes the picture look older?! XD

Hope you enjoyed!!!

P.S. Don’t tell Lottie, but she may be having more adventures in Maine this coming Summer…….


Oh no…….. She heard!! (for those of you who don’t know from my last blog, Lottie always makes her comments in color)

Adventure here I come!!!


BIBPC: Category #5

I’m a HUGE Star Wars fan if you haven’t already got that from my last few posts so for this challenge (close-ups) I have decided to enter a picture of my Ewok Dog Toy that I purchased for my American Girl Dolls. Well, here it is:


Isn’t the close up of his face adorable!!!

Let Your Doll (or in this case dog toys and cameras 😉 ) Inspire Your Creativity!!!!!! 🙂

BIBPC: Category #4

The next challenge in BIBPC is Landscape!

image (1)

I quickly went to the beach today to take this picture. I got lots of beach details in like a lifeguard tower, volleyball nets, a touch of sand, the ocean of course :), the sun which represents hot beach days (not today 😦 ), and two um….Hawaiian-style umbrellas?! Not sure……. Anyways The beach is my most favorite place in the entire world with the most awesome landscape. There was a party going on while I was taking pictures so fun bubbles add to the effect (if you look closely in the bottom left corner there’s the bubble man guy blowing them). Anyways I enjoyed sharing this with you!

Let your doll inspire your creativity! 🙂

BIBPC: Category 3

The category is Everyday Things at Megan’s Boring Into Beautiful Photo Challenge.


I chose my ukulele which sits in the corner of my room since I don’t know how to play it :). Notice the missing string…….. things like that happen when you have younger siblings. I chose this object because I like the texture and feel of the wood and even though I can’t really play any instruments it’s fun to pretend to.

Let your doll inspire your creativity! 🙂

BIBPC: Category #2

Megan from A Barefoot Gal recently started the Boring Into Beautiful Photo Contest where you send in a photo in the category. It has to be a photo you took and you’re graded by her on that photo. I’m grateful that Megan let me join during her second category. I recently joined Team Tulip.

And onto my photo……. the category was food……..and I chose to feature…… favorite food…….. Norwegian Pancakes! My family loves making them.


I love that Megan started this challenge! I love photography so this is awesome!

I hope you enjoyed my photo.

Let your dolls inspire your creativity! 🙂