Review on Silly Monkey Doll Clothes!

Hi everyone! Today I am going to be looking at some items Silly Monkey Doll Clothes sent me to review! If you like what you see, click here to view her shop! She has adorable clothes for both girl and boy dolls.


The first item I was sent are these adorable knee-high sneakers. I love the style and I think they are super nice quality! These will go perfect with any outfit and I could definitely see them being used with several costumes!


Next are these pink and white striped tights! They are thick and fantastic quality! I love  how they brighten up any outfit.


My favorite out of everything has to be this outfit! It features a Pink Skull High-Low Top and Pink Pocket Pants. The pants are incredible quality and the style of the top is adorable! Click here to view the outfit in her shop.

Another item featured in this photo are the adorable Pink and Black Checkered Sneakers. I love how they are super trendy and look like real Vans! Click here to buy these adorable shoes! 


The last item I was sent is this Pink Eiffel Tower Jogging Suit! It is really soft and great quality! Click here to check it out. (note the white undershirt is not included in this set)

Thank you so much for the products Silly Monkey Doll Clothes! And now for some bonus photos!






I hope you all enjoyed! Remember to check out Silly Monkey Doll Clothes next time your dolls need fashionable and trendy outfits!

Millie’s Photoshoot

Hey everyone! Today I took some photos of Millie! (also known as my custom Eleven doll from Stranger Things) Her outfit is a Build a Bear outfit that I got around 6 years ago if any of you are wondering! Now lets see some of the photos!







I hope you enjoyed this short photoshoot! Thanks for reading!

Some Requests made by Izzy from Sew Sweet Dollies!

Hi guys! I thought I would answer some requests from Izzy. Sorry I waited so long! As some of you may know I haven’t really spent a lot of time on this blog and most of the time I use my Instagram account or Youtube instead. (both named My Doll Neighborhood)

Izzy from Sew Sweet Dollies asked:

“Can you please do a review on Logan?”

Logan is such a great doll! I honestly love him so much! You should totally get him when/if he is not backordered! I love his wig it is so soft and manageable. His clothes are also super well made and you have different options since his shirt is layered with a flannel on top!


Izzy also asked if I could do a tutorial on Shannon’s freckles so here we go!


Here’s a bad photo, but at least it’s up close! These freckles are permanent. I painted them on with the point of a needle and a toothpick for the beauty marks. I used a mixture of burnt sienna acrylic paint with some other browns! Hope this is helpful!

Thanks for reading!


Maryellen is Heading to Hawaii (plus bonus photos)

Hey everyone! It’s that magical time of year: spring break! This year I am heading to Hawaii and like last summer I chose a doll to bring along. This year, Maryellen is the lucky doll! Not many dolls get to experience a week in paradise, lounging on sandy beaches with a fruit smoothie and getting that tan all the other dolls will be jealous of! If you ever have a chance to bring a doll on a trip I highly encourage you do to so, it’s so fun! So far I have brought my dolls to hawaii, maine, snowboarding, and even on a camping trip! Now lets get to some photos of Maryellen waving goodbye as she heads out! (lets pretend these photos are from the future when we depart from the house in the morning shall we : ) )






Behind the scenes…



And now onto some bonus photos of Cecile!











I hope you enjoyed! Expect lots of photos from Hawaii soon!