Would You Rather Have: March


The winner from last month’s challenge was Lea Clark’s Rainforest House priced at $395. The newest contestant is Lea’s Fruit Stand priced at $150. It’s up to you now, which do you chose? Select your choice in the poll below!


WYRH #2: Febuary


Lea Clark’s Rainforest was the winner from last month with 7 votes! Thanks to all who voted! Now lets get started with the Would You Rather Have of this month!

More about this months poll:

  • you have until the 28th of this month to  vote (that’s how long the poll will be open)
  • On the left we have Lea’s Rainforest House for $395
  • On the right we have the Our Generation Home Sweet Home Wooden Dollhouse for $135
  • Please help me pick which one to get for my birthday in June by voting
  • Both houses are for American Girl Dolls


Let Your Doll Inspire Your Creativity! 🙂