Happy Holidays!

Hi everyone! Happy holidays! I decided to share my annual all my dolls photo for the holidays, and a few extras!


My collection has changed so much this year, I love the diversity that I have in my collection now, here are their names from left to right as well as if I bought/got them this year:

Top row: Eleven, Samantha, Cecile, Rebecca, Caroline (new this year, an older doll and a  gift from my sister for my birthday. I sent her to the doll hospital and she is gorgeous), Logan (new this year, I bought him the day he was released!)

Bottom Row: Shannon, Maryellen, Lea, Annalise (new this year, a gift!), Nanea (new this year, I also bought her on her release day!), Eliza (new this year, a gift!), Saige

Front: Tipi (given to me to review this year), Nahji, Emerson


Since tomorrow is the first night of Hanukkah, I took this photo of my two Jewish dolls, Rebecca and Lea. I hope that if any of you celebrate Hanukkah, like Rebecca and Lea, you have a great time!


Plus, here’s this photo I took of Cecile that I absolutely love!

Hope you all enjoyed, and happy holidays!