Dressing My Dolls: Hamilton

Hey guys, so I thought I would dress up a few of my dolls every month and take some photos of them! Here’s my first one which is Hamilton themed!


I dressed them up as Eliza, Angelica, and Peggy!





I hope you all enjoyed!

Happy New Years!

It’s already 2017! Wow! I have some photos today that sort of have to do with 2017…


These are all the dolls I added to my collection this past year, Eleven was made of parts I already had but I included her anyway. I bought Lea in April, I received Maryellen for my birthday in june, I bought Shannon (Truly Me #27) in August, I finished making Eleven in early October, and I received WW Emerson for Christmas!


Shannon and Kirsten (this has nothing to do with 2017 but I took it when I took the other photo)


Maryellen is packing her lunch to go back to school, sad that the holidays are already over.

Have a great 2017!