Lea’s Trip to Hawaii: Rest of the days!

Hey guys, I got back from Hawaii a week ago. At the end of the trip and the past couple days I was unable to post the rest of the days. I don’t have very many photos left so I’m going to squeeze them all into one post! Lea’s comments are in blue!

Day #pizza (yes im using food just to transition between days because I forget what day it was when I took these.


Shannon’s Grandpa helped her take these photos……


We found a lei on the beach to use as a prop!


Sunset pic!

Day #sandwich


We went on an ocean cruise and this is the only pic I took on the boat because I got SUPER seasick (lets just say the deck of the boat didn’t get any cleaner! ick!)


First pic back on land! (I know want lots of cats after this trip lol)

Day #burrito

On the next side of the island there were lots of flowers! (These are just at our condo)


So these are some baby kittens that lived in the plant box by the door to the condo we stayed in!!! So adorable!!! I was sad to leave them, but we did see there mom twice so we knew they were in good hands!


So that’s the rest of my trip, hope you enjoyed! Stay tuned for Lottie’s trip to The East Coast in 2 weeks!

Lea’s Trip to Hawaii: Day #4

Hey guys! It’s Day #4 of Hawaii, or yesterday! Today all of Lea’s comments will be in Green!


Shannon surfed like ALL morning!!!

I only surfed for like an hour!

Really? Cause I don’t think so!

Ughhh… anyways the picture above is of a craft fair they had set up right next to the hotel room! There were beautiful bracelets and necklaces! Pretty pearls and shells!


Now for a couple pretty photos of Lea!



WOW! Those were beautiful!!!


I think I’m getting pretty good at these sunset pics! Yay!

Let your dolls inspire your creativity!!!

Lea’s Trip to Hawaii: Day #3

Hey guys! Sorry for two posts in one day, but I wanted to get everything up. Today is day #3, or yesterday! Today Lea’s comments will be in pink!


Today Shannon and her family went looking for more waves to surf so I stayed home at the hotel, lounging by the pool and ordering room service.

You ordered room service? Do you know how much that costs?!

Don’t worry I didn’t pay for it I just told them to put it on the room!



When we ate at a taco shop, there was a chicken on the table! More animals yay!


More animals! Cows! Yay I love cows! We saw a cow on the beach! It was so cool!


The sunset was beautiful!


Yay! An actual picture of me! Now the world can see my designer beach dress made by Shannon!







Lea’s Trip to Hawaii: Day #2

Hey guys! Here’s the photos from day #2 (or 2 days ago). Lea will be commenting in purple!


Shannon went surfing today while I watched from this chair.


I’m wearing these super cute wedges today! I love them!


I was bored….. um…….


We got to see this super cool water spout thing!


I took a picture of this cat, if you followed Lottie’s trip to Maine last Summer on my old blog you will know I love taking pictures of animals (not as much as dolls of course!).


Shaved Ice yummy!!!


More cats?! Girl you’re obsessed! This is a cute cat though!

You like my cat pics?! Yay I have more!

You do?




That’s it for cat photos!!!

Let your dolls inspire your creativity!

Lea’s Trip to Hawaii: Day #1

Hey guys! Today I am able to post all photos from day #1, or yesterday. Lea will be commenting her opinion of the trip in different colors, today she has chosen blue.


It sure is hot in Hawaii, the second we got to our hotel we went in the pool.


Then I decided to go surfing.

I watched from the beach and got to make a new friend, this adorable monk seal!





I surfed until it was almost dark, and then we went across the street to check out some cool gardens.


I found a little waterfall to pose by!


After going to a little store to get some drinks, I changed into my PJ’s.


Shannon got a lemonade at the store, oh half of it’s still in the fridge! I’m going to drink the rest before she notices….. slurp…….


Oh, got to go! Let your dolls inspire your creativity! AHHHHHH!!! NOT THE LEMONADE!

Exciting News!

Hey guys! I know I haven’t been posting much, but I’m documenting my trip to Hawaii (I arrived today) in photos with Lea! I’m proud of all the photos I’ve taken so far, and can’t wait to share them with you! If you want to see me packing Lea for Hawaii, check it out on my YouTube channel! It’s My Doll Neighborhood. I’d give you the link, but I’m posting this on my phone and it doesn’t let me add links.

I’m also in the process of building a doll house and I’m super excited! It will only be one room, but I’ll be switching it out with different furniture for different rooms!

Let your doll inspire your creativity!