Ever After High Forest Pixies: Harelow & Featherly Review


When Ever After High released it’s new Dragon Games line, it included these 3 adorable Forest Pixie dolls!


Today I will be reviewing Harelow and Featherly.


This is Deerla, the one Forest Pixie doll I am missing.


Both have SUPER cute shoes and very tiny feet! (Harelow Left, Featherly Right)


The dresses are very thin, but silky. Each has the animal they represent on their dress.  The belts are a flexible plastic as well. Side by side you can see their skin colors. Featherly has a light blue-green skin tone, while Harelow has a pale pink.

Each has an unremovable plastic piece in their hair. Harelow’s bunny ears are odd because she now has two sets of ears!!! You can also clearly see both dolls’ hair colors. Harelow seems to have an almost raspberry color. I just love it!


And now…… the dolls are arriving for a size comparison since the pixies are smaller than the average Ever After High doll.


First up is EAH compared to Featherly.


Next is Barbie VS. Featherly.


And…… Lottie with Featherly!!!


Ending Finally with Harelow and Featherly! Which is you favorite? Comment below! These dolls are not articulated like Ever After High, and I think their names are a little cheesy myself.


All My AG Doll Food

These are all my American Girl Doll food that’s not AG Brand.



Every month on the 15th, Pippaloo releases a bunch of food made out of polmer clay on her Etsy shop at 12:00 Eastern Time. I’ve managed to get all of the items above before they sold out. What’s your fav item? Comment below!



I got the Hot Coco from AnnsAGminiatures on Esty. I bought 4 at the time for my cousins and sister at Christmas time.

The gingerbread man is from Oriental Trading I think it was $8 or so for a pack of 48.


Pippaloo or Oriental Trading?

So cute!!!

What’s your favorite item? Comment bellow!

DOC: Points and 3rd Challenge

doll outfit challenge

I only had one entry this challenge! Last time we had 3 out of 8. The 3rd challenge will be super fun, read the description at the bottom of the post to see what it is!


Team Seahorses has 21 points!!


Team Sea Lions has 8 points!


I promised to include my favorite photo from each challenge and I forgot last time 😦 Sorry about that, but here is Cute Polar Bear’s picture. She chose to do “past” in the Time theme. The required items were boots, and Violet here is wearing ones crocheted by her older sister. She is also wearing AG Felicity’s Riding Habit.

The next challenge is……… Fantasy! You can do anything really, pirates, princesses, monsters, fairies, ect. Have fun with this challenge! Your photos will be due Friday, April 1st by midnight. Post them on your blog or email your photo to mydollneighborhood@yahoo.com


My American Girl’s Easter Basket


Easter is right around the corner, so Shannon put together an Easter basket for us!


First is this basket thing from Dollar Tree.


The toys she included are this mini Isabelle toy from McDonalds and a Calico Critter bunny. I love the Isabelle doll. They didn’t make a Grace last year, but I hope they make a Lea Clark, she’d be too cute. The bunny was actually Shannon’s first Calico Critter.


Last Tuesday, the 15th, was Pippaloo’s March release day on Etsy. Shannon now has a lot of these food sets and promises to do a doll food post soon.


My favorite item is this marshmallow Peep bunny.

What was your favorite item?

Oh, don’t forget to post/email your pics in by 12 PM tonight!


Egg Decorating Set Review

Hey!!! It’s Cecile again! Today I’ll be showing you another item Shannon bought for us dolls 2 years ago. It is $32 and still available.


This set includes:

  • an egg carton
  • 5 crayons
  • Egg dye
  • Glitter
  • Egg cups
  • Egg Stand
  • Tray


Here are all the items that open: The egg carton with 9 eggs that don’t come out, a crayon box with 5 crayons, and an egg dye box with 3 primary colors included.


Shannon here is holding up an egg dye for us to see the awesome detail on the cap, which does not open.


Here I am holding one of the egg cups that you use to dye the eggs in.

In this set no eggs are removable. 😦

Comment below if you like this set. Do you have this or want it?

Retired: Kit’s Summer Dress Review

Hi!!! This is Shannon’s doll Cecile! Shannon said I could do a few Easter posts over the next few days. I decided to write in this pretty purple/maroon. She just wanted to remind readers who are participating in the Doll Outfit Challenge that your outfits are due Thursday. Remember the theme is Time. Anyway, let’s get started.


This is the dress I wear every Easter. Shannon bought me this dress 2 years ago for $32. It was retired just this year. It comes with a dress, hair bow, and pair of shoes. I like how the light colors contrast with my dark skin tone.


I never, ever style my hair, but when I pulled my curls back with the bow, I loved the outcome. The dress is so cute from the back.


Today was a windy day, and I kept falling over! The photo lets you see the detail of the dress though.

What do you think? Do you like my Easter dress? Comment below if you have or want this dress! I’ll see you again on my next post tomorrow!

Would You Rather Have: March


The winner from last month’s challenge was Lea Clark’s Rainforest House priced at $395. The newest contestant is Lea’s Fruit Stand priced at $150. It’s up to you now, which do you chose? Select your choice in the poll below!


American Girl Wellie Wishers

Screenshot (1180).png

There has been lots of talk of Wellie Wishers in the doll world, a doll line that will soon be taking over Bitty Twins.

Screenshot (1182).png

I think these dolls, who are rumored to be 15″, are just adorable! Wellies are basically rain boots, a name  popularized in the UK. Each doll will come with a patterned pair of rain boots. Each doll seems to have a certain theme. I love the blonde on the far left who seems to be ocean or fish themed. Look at the auburn one on the right who is a mixture of lady bugs, rabbits, and maybe foxes? These dolls will be aimed for 4-7 year olds. What do you think of these dolls? Comment below.


DOC 2nd Challenge + Points

doll outfit challenge

Sorry for not getting this up until later this week, I was sick so unable to post.


Team Seahorses overall score is: 13 points and 2 out of 4 players entered


Team Sea Lions where 1 out of 4 entered: 8 points

The next theme is …….. TIME!!! And I’m saying time because  it’s a very vague category. You have the option of selecting “past” or “future” no present though. There is one must have item on each choice. If you chose the past your doll must be wearing boots and if you chose future your doll must have a silver item (clothes, accessories, or props). You have until Thursday, March 24th to enter. Oh, and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!