My Thoughts On: A Girl for all Time


These are the four of five A Girl for all Time dolls that are currently available. They are a fully articulated 16″ doll from the UK (now available to USA peeps like me, click here to go to the US store) that I’ve had my eye on for a while. The outfits seem very well made and so do the pets and accessories.  They can share clothes with slimmer dolls like Disney Princess and Me. The one on the right, Matilda, is $90 and all the rest including Sam (not pictured) are $110 (US dollars). They are now in the process of making two modern dolls, and I absolutely love Nisha, a doll from India.


Aren’t her boots adorable?! Her have mold in my opinion is much cuter than the other dolls, and look at her bangs!!!!! She’d be the great “middle sister” in my doll family, slightly older than my Hearts for Hearts doll, a now discontinued line 😦 ,  Nahji who is also from India!

I didn’t have Nahji out at the time of this post so I borrowed photos of her from a Never Grow Up review of her to show you what she looks like and her size (14″) compared to an AG doll. So an A Girl for all Time doll would be 2″ taller than Nahji.

I can’t wait for her to be released, can you? What do you think of Nisha, are you now thinking of purchasing her like me? Comment below!!!


My Thoughts On: American Girl Mega Blocks


Have you seen American Girl items on the Mega Blocks website yet?! They’re SO cute and would be the perfect size for AG’s! I’ll be showing  you the items that are my favorite.


Grace’s 2-in-1 Buildable Home is my favorite item! It comes with 3 AG mini figures including Grace and her 2 besties. I love the fact that they’re articulated too!


I love Saige, she’s probably my favorite American Girl doll, so her art studio is just too cute!!!


They also have these collectible figures for $3.99 each!!! I’m guessing they come in blind bags. I love how they’re wearing actual AG fashions so your doll could possibly have a twin! I ♥ the redhead 🙂

They only have individual and GOTY sets, but I wish they had Lea Clark too….. 😦

Do you think these are a fun product? Will you be purchasing any of them? Comment below to voice your opinion!


My Thoughts On: AG Melody Ellison


This is Melody, American Girl’s newest historical doll….. well not really, because she’s not scheduled to be released until this Summer. Melody will be American Girl’s third black historical doll!!! YES THEY’VE ONLY HAD TWO OTHERS! I think it’s important for girl’s to grow up with dolls that look like them/don’t look like them. It’s important for girl’s to read stories about them too. Melody is from the 1960s, and her story focuses on the Civil Rights Movement.


OMG!!! I LOVE this dress!

I like her unique outfits and hairstyle, what about you?

What do you think about Melody and her unique collection and hairstyle?! Will you be purchasing any of her collection? Comment below!!!



My Fav Doll Food Items on Etsy

I’ve been looking at American Girl doll food on Etsy and I’ve found some great shops. Today, I’d like to share them with you…….


I chose one item from each shop. My favorite item from Katydidminiatures is this Special  Edition Peeps Cake. It’s perfect for Easter which is coming up around the corner fast and it’s too cute to pass up!!! It is $65.


This item from The Cosmopolitan Doll is SO cool. It was hard to pick this item as my favorite, but it is the most unique and priced at $22.


Finally this cute drink from PetitesBowtique: I picked this item because many people love the doll Starbuck’s inspired drinks and it is very hard to find them. It’s $3.75.

I hope you like these shops as much as I do!!!

My Thoughts On: New American Girl Releases

Here are four of the new items AG released (not pictured are the accessories like the new boots, bag, and sunglasses).


A. The colors and materials on this outfit originally looked cute, but I am not a big fan of the weird left shoulder bow thingy (I mean LOL what is that thing! 🙂 ). I’d love to get this outfit and alter it to how I’d like it to be. It is $32.

B. I LOVE this outfit!!! Older AG tennis clothes haven’t really been cute, but the fabric and style of this dress are to cute! It would be a fantastic addition to mine or anyone’s growing doll collection. I have a doll tennis racket from a few years back, and it’s SO cute! (Tip: mini tennis balls for dogs work great.) It is $34.

C. Ok seriously, what is up with American Girl and Our Generation?! It seems like AG makes everything OG has already come out with. Our Generation recently came out with a ice cream truck and it’s SO cute, and now we have an ice cream cart from AG. I can’t imagine how you’d use this set unless you had a park scene set up, not many play options, but a park would be rather cute. OG is always loaded with accessories something AG isn’t. Please spend $20 more dollars and buy yourself OG’s amazing truck! The AG version is $85.

D. I do not like this outfit. I guess the shirt is ok, but I’m not seeing why AG came out with this. I don’t have anything else to say, I’m disappointed.

Overall, I was disappointed with this release. The American Girl’s tennis outfit is adorable, but I only considered adding that 1 out of these 4 items to my wish list. American Girl made a strong, creative release this January for Lea Clark and I’m wondering where all that went in this release.

I hope you liked my opinions on AG’s latest release.


I’ve been having a lot of fun with this contest. I think there may be one more? Well, anyway the category was light or water (bonus points for both) and I’m heading for the bonus points!!!


“Light” and water! This is from when I went to Maine this past Summer. Read about my adventures there with my doll Lottie on my old blog here. The picture is a little blurry, sorry about that, but photography is an art and it makes the picture look older?! XD

Hope you enjoyed!!!

P.S. Don’t tell Lottie, but she may be having more adventures in Maine this coming Summer…….


Oh no…….. She heard!! (for those of you who don’t know from my last blog, Lottie always makes her comments in color)

Adventure here I come!!!


WYRH #2: Febuary


Lea Clark’s Rainforest was the winner from last month with 7 votes! Thanks to all who voted! Now lets get started with the Would You Rather Have of this month!

More about this months poll:

  • you have until the 28th of this month to  vote (that’s how long the poll will be open)
  • On the left we have Lea’s Rainforest House for $395
  • On the right we have the Our Generation Home Sweet Home Wooden Dollhouse for $135
  • Please help me pick which one to get for my birthday in June by voting
  • Both houses are for American Girl Dolls


Let Your Doll Inspire Your Creativity! 🙂


Doll Sized Find: Star Wars Dog Toys

When my mom went to our local pet store to get rabbit litter, I decided to come along. They had a HUGE Star Wars section. The moment I saw the section I knew it was perfect for me since I’m a huge Star Wars lover and animal lover….. but I didn’t buy the toys for my pets……… but……… my……….. American Girl Dolls!


They are the perfect size!!!

Look at their adorable faces!! If you’re a Star Wars fan and love pets or dolls, go check out your local pet store!!

Let Your Doll Inspire Your Creativity! 🙂