My Fav Things: Jan

I decided to do a new event each month called, My Fav Things. It will have a few of my favorite doll items for the month.


A. My Favorite Doll Outfit of the Month is from Bitty Beanies. I love Star Wars SO MUCH!!!

B. Jennifer Mary Art on etsy wins Cutest Doll Food of the Month for her canned peaches. I love peaches, and these are adorable!

C. My favorite Pattern of the Month is from Pixie Faire. I need to make these!!!

D.  I love this fish tank/TV/fireplace/shelves for dolls. Customwoodworkx wins Best Doll Furniture of the Month. I love this set!

E. Best Craft of the Month goes to…… American Girl Ideas for their Lunchables craft. It’s made from those little jelly box container things, SO creative!

Hopefully you will love these items as much as me!


BIBPC: Category 3

The category is Everyday Things at Megan’s Boring Into Beautiful Photo Challenge.


I chose my ukulele which sits in the corner of my room since I don’t know how to play it :). Notice the missing string…….. things like that happen when you have younger siblings. I chose this object because I like the texture and feel of the wood and even though I can’t really play any instruments it’s fun to pretend to.

Let your doll inspire your creativity! 🙂

Doll Ski/Snowboard and Surfboard Crafts

I worked on a couple crafts last year that I never had time to post on my other blog. I hope you can use these for inspiration.

Ski/Snowboard Mountain:



I had all the supplies to make this craft at home. The chairlift was made with a paper towel tube with a cardboard ribbon spool on top. There’s also a little shack on the bottom to control the chairlift.

Doll Mechanical Surfboard:



The surfboard is a cake topper. It is attached with a tooth pick to the inside, allowing it to move like a mechanical bull.

Comment below your favorite and let your dolls inspire your creativity!

Disney Tsum Tsum Mystery Stack Pack Review


One thing I’ve learned with blind bags (or in this case “mystery stack packs”) is that you never get the toy you want. I’m most familiar with LEGO blind bags, and I think one out of well, 7 years of purchasing them I’ve gotten the character I wanted (I was 7 and it was a vampire). Anyway, with these packs it’s a 1 in 10 chance that you’ll get the character you want which is much better than the LEGO packs which have 16 characters.


The back of the bag shows the ten medium sized figures and the stackable accessory included. I really wanted the Cheshire Cat and my second choice was Winnie the Pooh, but I ended up with Sebastian who is actually very cute.

IMG_9030.JPGHere he is next to his um, well, shell house?! I wish it included instructions, because it took me a few minutes to put it together.

IMG_9033He fits perfectly in the shell, I wish it were a little bigger, but for a $2.99 product I will not complain. Another comparison to LEGO blind bags is coming….. THE PRICE!!! LEGO bags are around $5 at Target, and the Tsum Tsums are $2.99!!! They’re SO MUCH CUTER TOO!!!!!!!!!


I don’t know what the little sea weed part is for, but it works as a great second story area, though he dangles off :0 Or it could be a shade from the sun.


It’s the perfect size for an American Girl Doll just like the plush figures!

All in all, I rate this item 4 out of 5 possible stars. The price is fantastic and so is the quality of the toy. I think the shell could be a tad bigger and instructions could be included though. Sebastian is an adorable character, and his house comes apart for easy storage. I love how these characters are the perfect size for American Girl dolls.

Let YOUR dolls inspire YOUR creativity.




BIBPC: Category #2

Megan from A Barefoot Gal recently started the Boring Into Beautiful Photo Contest where you send in a photo in the category. It has to be a photo you took and you’re graded by her on that photo. I’m grateful that Megan let me join during her second category. I recently joined Team Tulip.

And onto my photo……. the category was food……..and I chose to feature…… favorite food…….. Norwegian Pancakes! My family loves making them.


I love that Megan started this challenge! I love photography so this is awesome!

I hope you enjoyed my photo.

Let your dolls inspire your creativity! 🙂


Season 1, Episode 1: Enchanting Enchantresses



Hazel secretly slipped one of her pancakes into her playful puppy, Meatloaf’s bowl. Almost as if her mother, Lily, was able to see through the table she immediately shouted, “Meatloaf’s on a strict diet! Only dog food, I thought you’d know better Hazel!” “Sorry mom, he just looked hungry, but I know it was wrong.” Hazel explained carefully to her mom. Hazel is the average height for her age. She is ten years of age. She has braces and long auburn hair, unlike her mother’s golden curls and father’s blond hair, she didn’t look much like her parents at all and never met any of her other family so she always wondered where her different features had come from.


As Lily scooped the remains of Meatloaf’s illegal breakfast, he scampered off to the bed he shared with the stray. The stray cat had appeared on Hazel’s family’s doorstep only weeks before. Hazel had taken the cat in, and started calling him Mr. Whiskers. He really seemed to like her, almost as if they had a special connection.


A vibrating sound interrupted Hazel’s thoughts. She looked down and read: Outside, should I come in. It was from Hazel’s best friend Faith. She thought a moment and then texted back: Sure I’ll grab my things.


Hazel ran to say goodbye to her parents. Her mom’s desk was laid with a 6th grade math book (she’s a sixth grade teacher), a smiling cupcake (don’t ask), and her “old-fashioned” phone which she refused to update. The room was lit by the desktop lamp.


Make sure you’re home for dinner, I’m picking up Thai food, your favorite.” said her mom, Lily. “Love you sweetie, have fun.” her dad, Henry said.


Are you ready,” said Faith.  Faith was a tad smaller than Hazel, but was still ten years old. she had long blonde hair and hazel eyes, Hazel found this fascinating. “Yep all ready” Hazel said grabbing her longboard. Hazel had tried a shortboard skateboard like Faith’s, but had no luck. Her skateboard was one of her most prized possessions.




Time seemed to fly and before long they parted ways on the ride home.


Hazel opened the door and before long appeared in the living room.


She fed her pets their flavorless legal food.


She called to her parents, expecting the smell of Pad Thai, but no one answered, and there was no usual Pad Thai smell. Then she spotted a note on the table in her mother’s handwriting, but it looked rushed. She picked the note up and read: Hazel, After 10 years of hiding, they’ve found us. We had to make a run for it. We couldn’t have escaped with our lives if we came back for you. This place is no longer our safe home. Get some sleep, eat whatever’s left, we’ve arranged passage for you to go to a safe home, just until all this is settled. We’ll then come back for you, we promise. Do not call the police, lock all the doors, all the windows. No need to pack your bags, we’ve dealt with that too. Leave the pets, they’ll manage on their own. I know this is a lot to process, but do as we say and you’ll be safe. We love you Hazel and look forward to seeing you soon, Mom and Dad. Hazel read it over another time, and then another.

End of Part 1

 Comment what you thought bellow! Look out for part 2, coming soon.







Introducing: Enchanting Enchantresses


Above you will see the official poster for my first ever photostory series, Enchanting Enchantresses. Look for the first episode, coming out soon!


The cast for season one: episode one-two is:


Saige as Hazel

Adam as Henry

Cinderella as Lily

and Isabelle as Faith


Claire as Evelyn

That’s it for now, keep your eyes peeled for Episode 1 coming soon.

Let your dolls inspire your creativity! 🙂



The Start of a Very New Blog

Hello, my name is Shannon. Some of you may know me from My Doll Life, another WordPress blog. A couple weeks ago, I wrote a post saying I would not be posting on my blog anymore because I had run out of free WordPress space and I no longer had the time, but a couple people commented and made me feel good about the time put into blogging. I am not deleting My Doll Life, so go check it out. I hope you enjoy this blog! It will be a different style really, more posts that focus on photography (maybe a picture and a couple words). I will also do contests and photostory series though, I’m actually working on a few now. Keep your eyes peeled for the official poster and cast soon.

Let your dolls inspire your creativity!