New Series on Youtube!

Hey everyone! I’m working on a new series for my youtube channel called The Texting Tormentor! I’m currently working on the first episode. Click here to see a behind the scenes look and the intro. Below I have some posters and a photoshoot!


The series stars Samantha Parkington as Margaret Lewis.




Cecile plays Katie, Samantha’s best friend.

Here are the posters, feel free to print them for personal use! Your dolls can hang them on their walls!



I also have this extra photoshoot of cecile!



I hope you enjoyed! Are you excited for the series?

Happy New Years!

It’s already 2017! Wow! I have some photos today that sort of have to do with 2017…


These are all the dolls I added to my collection this past year, Eleven was made of parts I already had but I included her anyway. I bought Lea in April, I received Maryellen for my birthday in june, I bought Shannon (Truly Me #27) in August, I finished making Eleven in early October, and I received WW Emerson for Christmas!


Shannon and Kirsten (this has nothing to do with 2017 but I took it when I took the other photo)


Maryellen is packing her lunch to go back to school, sad that the holidays are already over.

Have a great 2017!