Happy New Years!

It’s already 2017! Wow! I have some photos today that sort of have to do with 2017…


These are all the dolls I added to my collection this past year, Eleven was made of parts I already had but I included her anyway. I bought Lea in April, I received Maryellen for my birthday in june, I bought Shannon (Truly Me #27) in August, I finished making Eleven in early October, and I received WW Emerson for Christmas!


Shannon and Kirsten (this has nothing to do with 2017 but I took it when I took the other photo)


Maryellen is packing her lunch to go back to school, sad that the holidays are already over.

Have a great 2017!

It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas

Happy Holidays! I cannot believe Christmas is already two sleeps away! Today I have some Christmas themed photos!

Emerson and Pongo look so cute in these photos!



Shannon is ready to open some presents after finishing her hot chocolate!


Saige might be in a wheelchair for the holidays because she built a zipline in the backyard that wasn’t to sturdy, but she doesn’t let that stop her from doing her favorite christmas tradition, stealing fresh baked cookies from the kitchen!


Hope you enjoyed! I now have some shots of Cecile that I took last week:




Happy Holidays!

Happy Dollidays!

It’s that time of year again! This year my dolls are sending out their Christmas cards early so it gets to all their friends in time for the holidays!


Do your dolls want one? I have a free printable for you below!

PicMonkey Image-4.jpg

To print:

  1. click on the picture (it should bring you to a separate tab)
  2. click file at the top of your computer
  3. go down to the print tab
  4. give the cards to your dolls!

I hope you enjoyed this post! How are your dolls getting ready for the Holidays?