Stranger Things Eleven Custom Doll

You may have seen the new Netflix TV show, Stranger Things, but if you haven’t you probably don’t know who Eleven (El for short) is. She is a young girl with Telekinetic powers, who grew up in a laboratory. “Bad people” tried to harness her powers and use her as a weapon. She is a huge part of Stranger Things which I am currently obsessed with, so I decided to create a custom Eleven doll.


Starting with the doll herself:

  • her wig was cut by me a long time ago when I tried to create a boy doll, but a few weeks ago was died using the “sharpie method”.
  • she has a pleasant company head and a JLY body.
  • her jacket is from Madame Alexander (when they were sold at Target a while ago).
  • Her dress was custom, made for me based on the dress Eleven wears in the show. IMG_8287.JPG  her “tattoo” which is how the lab identified her.


  • her socks were made by me
  • Finally her shoes are from Sophia’s.


In the show, Eleven meets a boy named Mike and they become friends. Eventually they become a little bit more than friends, but I don’t want to spoil anything. Mike is carrying his walkie talkie, and Eleven has some Eggos, her favorite food.

I hope you enjoyed!


3 thoughts on “Stranger Things Eleven Custom Doll

  1. bluehorse October 11, 2016 / 4:07 am

    Cool! I haven’t seen the show since my family doesn’t watch TV, though. How did you make her socks? They are really cute! ❤


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