Ever After High Forest Pixies: Harelow & Featherly Review


When Ever After High released it’s new Dragon Games line, it included these 3 adorable Forest Pixie dolls!


Today I will be reviewing Harelow and Featherly.


This is Deerla, the one Forest Pixie doll I am missing.


Both have SUPER cute shoes and very tiny feet! (Harelow Left, Featherly Right)


The dresses are very thin, but silky. Each has the animal they represent on their dress.  The belts are a flexible plastic as well. Side by side you can see their skin colors. Featherly has a light blue-green skin tone, while Harelow has a pale pink.

Each has an unremovable plastic piece in their hair. Harelow’s bunny ears are odd because she now has two sets of ears!!! You can also clearly see both dolls’ hair colors. Harelow seems to have an almost raspberry color. I just love it!


And now…… the dolls are arriving for a size comparison since the pixies are smaller than the average Ever After High doll.


First up is EAH compared to Featherly.


Next is Barbie VS. Featherly.


And…… Lottie with Featherly!!!


Ending Finally with Harelow and Featherly! Which is you favorite? Comment below! These dolls are not articulated like Ever After High, and I think their names are a little cheesy myself.


3 thoughts on “Ever After High Forest Pixies: Harelow & Featherly Review

  1. Bill March 31, 2016 / 11:36 pm

    Love the forest pixie dolls.


  2. Eileen April 1, 2016 / 6:07 pm

    All the dolls and their outfits are amazing looking. What fun! Enjoyed seeing them all.


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