Disney Tsum Tsum Mystery Stack Pack Review


One thing I’ve learned with blind bags (or in this case “mystery stack packs”) is that you never get the toy you want. I’m most familiar with LEGO blind bags, and I think one out of well, 7 years of purchasing them I’ve gotten the character I wanted (I was 7 and it was a vampire). Anyway, with these packs it’s a 1 in 10 chance that you’ll get the character you want which is much better than the LEGO packs which have 16 characters.


The back of the bag shows the ten medium sized figures and the stackable accessory included. I really wanted the Cheshire Cat and my second choice was Winnie the Pooh, but I ended up with Sebastian who is actually very cute.

IMG_9030.JPGHere he is next to his um, well, shell house?! I wish it included instructions, because it took me a few minutes to put it together.

IMG_9033He fits perfectly in the shell, I wish it were a little bigger, but for a $2.99 product I will not complain. Another comparison to LEGO blind bags is coming….. THE PRICE!!! LEGO bags are around $5 at Target, and the Tsum Tsums are $2.99!!! They’re SO MUCH CUTER TOO!!!!!!!!!


I don’t know what the little sea weed part is for, but it works as a great second story area, though he dangles off :0 Or it could be a shade from the sun.


It’s the perfect size for an American Girl Doll just like the plush figures!

All in all, I rate this item 4 out of 5 possible stars. The price is fantastic and so is the quality of the toy. I think the shell could be a tad bigger and instructions could be included though. Sebastian is an adorable character, and his house comes apart for easy storage. I love how these characters are the perfect size for American Girl dolls.

Let YOUR dolls inspire YOUR creativity.





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